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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

This project involved the renovation of a 1940’s, six-bedroom weather board home that had seen various alterations over the years in its previous life as five-star accommodation and wedding venue.

Our client brief was to design a kitchen with a “wow” factor without the price tag, for their busy and growing young family to enjoy for the next 3 – 5 years when they are considering demolishing the old property and building new.

Convincing my clients to remove a wall to a hallway increasing the size of kitchen, which involved structural work to be done, proved to be instrumental in the final kitchen design.

Without doing this we would not have been able to have a design with an island. The metal frame around the island which incorporated legs was designed to support the stone and also provide an informal dining room table area – due to the size of the island we required joins in the stone and by sitting the stone into a frame this minimised the visual impact of the join.

We used various BLUM lift systems to maximise the usable space – incorporating colour interiors to cabinetry that was being used more frequently and had the potential to be left open. Our clients often entertain in this large home and have commented on how workable and enjoyable the space is even when being used by multiple families.


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