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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

From the initial client meeting it became quickly apparent this was not going to be a standard kitchen. The client wanted a space that complimented in with the surroundings  integrating with the indoor/outdoor areas with a fully working scullery in a tight space.

To achieve this, we made all cabinetry servo drive (no handles) with satin finish doors and drawers fronts and integrated appliances to blend into its surroundings, the Dekton bench tops were chosen for their uneven natural looking finish and Laminam was utilised to clad the island cabinetry for an earthy finish which complements the recycled timber trusses in the ceiling. Laminam was again used for all splash backs for its irregular finish and serviceability.

At installation stage the imported stone flooring had increased from the specified 25mm thick to 50mm in places due to the irregular nature of the product. As the bench tops had been designed to run into the main window this provided a challenging installation. 

The result of this flooring thickness variation was the BLUM Flex fitting for the scullery dishwasher had to be removed so we were still able to have 60mm thick bench tops. We then introduced a handmade brass handle for the dishwasher to match the fridge.

We commissioned a local sculptor to make the leg and frame to support the open end of the island to match other metal work around the home, even incorporating a geko under the island for a distinctive touch.


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