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Our clients are a professional couple with home-based sporting business. When they came to us they were renovating their home to sell and build new on another site within the same area. Plans to build new have been temporarily put on hold due to escalating costs and their now enjoying the newly renovated home so they've decided to take their time and

build new in the future.

One of the challenges of this project was to make this narrow space work proportionately including a seating area. The floating raised offset breakfast bar was created specifically to meet this challenge.

The clients desire for not all units along the exterior walls flowing into the scullery meant all the tall units were along one elevation in the main kitchen including a space tower with access from the scullery, impacting on our working triangle. The hob location along the exterior wall space gives plenty of room for cooking, while the island can be used as landing space for the ovens and fridge

The melamine kitchen cabinetry was chosen to keep the renovation cost effective and speed up the renovation process while clients lived in a temporary out building.

Design details:

Cabinetry exterior under bench cabinets and above bench:18mm Moisture Resistant Melamine MDF with 1mm PVC edging. Colour: Prime ‘Friar Grey’Velvet

Cabinetry exterior Back wall cabinets and island front:18mm Moisture Resistant Melamine MDF with 1mm PVC edging. Colour: Prime Melamine ‘Black Forest’


Main Benchtop: 20mm Dekton ‘Sirius’

Island Benchtop: 20mm Dekton ‘Nilium’Raised bar to 50mm thickness–brackets fabricated to support internally.


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